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Francois Brill
I’m an all-hands-on-deck product designer. I thrive when I have the opportunity to create something that is simple, beautiful & easy to use.
Craft your user onboarding experience to help users achieve their desired outcomes. Retention resonates from nailing this!
Craft your user onboarding experience to help users achieve their desired outcomes. Retention resonates from nailing this!
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Why would we care about onboarding? Shouldn’t we just create a user registration form to get someone signed up and dump them into the middle of our product as quickly as possible? Changes are you won’t have much success retaining such users. You’ve spent a bunch of time, energy and possibly resources to get users to this point, so we need to stress the importance of making the most of it.

The truth is the user has a “job-to-be-done” based on a need that they need fulfilled. They are not there because you had a pretty landing page. That landing…

The easiest way to look at this is comparing a monolithic approach, such as WordPress versus a decoupled frontend which could be a static site.

WordPress (Monolithic) vs “Static” sites

In a nutshell, WordPress or a “Monolithic” website refers to a site that is an “all-in-one” or “one-size-fits-all” solution. The backend and frontend are tightly coupled and the one cannot operate without the other.

A static site is a site without a backend, it’s also referred to as Jamstack, which means it’s made up from Javascript, APIs and Markup (HTML & CSS). …

We are all faced with unprecedented times, no one has lived through a global pandemic and no one really knows what to do in these situations. For me having a family it makes it pretty real pretty quickly, and taking care of your family becomes the number one priority.

For us as BIGBrave we see all our staff, partners and clients as family — we’ve always said that — and these are the times where your actions need to speak louder than words… With that we got together as management and decided to do our bit to hopefully help someone…

Image representing the loop going from collecting inputs, generating outputs to presenting and evaluating the outcomes.
Image representing the loop going from collecting inputs, generating outputs to presenting and evaluating the outcomes.

When it comes to building successful products, there are three key variables that we need to examine.

  • Firstly, what we take into consideration is the source of new ideas and the various influences we allow onboard to sway our decision making when we’re building new products or features.
  • Secondly, how we actually build those features and get them out the door.
  • And then lastly, how we measure it once it has gone live and how actual customers are using and adopting it. In short these are referred to as inputs, outputs and outcomes.

I think inputs are fairly self-explanatory, albeit…

Businesses as we know it keep changing, evolving and industries are being disrupted all the time by introducing new digital processes to change and optimise stagnant business processes. With this ever evolving business landscape it brings with an age of ambiguity that very few businesses are equipped for, the good news is a practice like design has been dealing with ambiguity for centuries.

In today’s digital age, we’re getting to a point of doing business vastly different. To build a profound business with a digital product it won’t be enough to understand just design and technology, it’s critical to understand…

We all love something that looks nice, it’s the reason the fashion industry exists and is a multi-billion dollar industry. People love the way things look and work. Design started out as the “bells and whistles”, the splash of proverbial paint we add at the end of a process. The way I was taught and worked for decades was to get the set of requirements and if you’re lucky add your 2 cents, and return visuals that bring it to life.

The problem is that the design was added at the end of a process. Design is not something you…

As digital becomes the way to operate in industry after industry, we need to re-evaluate our operating model. We need to see what this offers and how we can adopt these practices and new ways of working through the necessary changes to not just keep up but thrive in the digital world.

With the digital age, it’s brought with it disruption, digital transformation and industries that are transformed all around us faster than we realise. What does this mean for us? And what does the future hold? If companies are not actively looking at ways to transform, the threat of…

In today’s world of exponential change, innovative companies must have a culture of inquiry. This Inquiry and embracing a culture of asking questions often become the starting point of innovation. Inquiry enable us to organise our thinking around what we don’t know. The questions that stick shines a light on where new opportunities lie, and this might indicate where companies need to go, where their future or industry is headed. But first let’s see where this inherent culture of inquiry is born.

Can children teach us anything about asking questions?

When is the last time you’ve heard a young child say: “Okay, I understand”. Never! They keep on…

We are all creative, whether we’d like to think so or not. It’s just a matter of rediscovering and practising it.

I can remember clearly growing up that everything was an opportunity to be playful to create and to just be. When we got a new appliance, or anything contained in a box, as a child I couldn’t wait for my mom to unpack it so I can get the box. I would take the box into the living room and build castles, buildings and various playful things out of cardboard to play with for hours and weeks on end.

We live in an extremely exciting time where technology is evolving faster than one feels one can keep up at stages. Something like Moore’s Law shows no sign of slowing down. In just the past couple of years, we’ve seen an influx of technology into the market with the introduction of wearables, VR headsets, drones, home automation and the list goes on. …

Francois Brill

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